Our Mission

What is the Jaltemba Foundation?

The Jaltemba Foundation is a philanthropic organization that combines the charitable gifts of many to provide leadership and financial leverage in addressing the current and future needs of the Jaltemba Bay community through various grant making activities designed to improve the lives of our local citizens. The Jaltemba Foundation intends to provide sustainable philanthropy through leadership and problem solving in the present and preparing for the future with a permanent endowment.

The Jaltemba Foundation is a non-profit, tax exempt corporation designed to bring an efficiency of scale to multiple donors with multiple interests yet bound by a common thread of philanthropic intent to benefit the citizens of Jaltemba Bay and the area as a whole. The Jaltemba Foundation is governed by a Board of Directors that works to match the resources of the foundation to the changing needs of their community.

Our mission:

We develop relationships and resources used to support innovative and visionary projects that make a positive difference in our Jaltemba Bay community as well as expanding regionally into the state of Nayarit. We operate with the highest of ethical standards, demonstrate respect for the ideas and opinions offered, while acting as exemplary stewards of the resources entrusted to us. Our Foundation is a place where donors, both large and small, are of service in creating a positive and lasting impact in areas of greatest need. The Foundation cultivates and seeds ideas that offer self-sustaining goals and resources.

Our Philanthropic Intent:

It is the intention of the Jaltemba Foundation to improve the lives of the most vulnerable people in our Jaltemba Bay community. Through our grants we endeavor to provide on an on-going basis the resources needed to address the most compelling human needs. By providing a mechanism for charitable giving we intend to create an opportunity for foreign visitors and local residents to combine their resources in a manner that maximizes the impact on our community. Through transparency of operations we strive to gain the trust and respect of the community at large and its individual citizens and to promote sustained philanthropy.

Donate to the Jaltemba Foundation for a community for the future!
It is important to know that you may make contributions to any of the funds managed by the Jaltemba Foundation; some of the more major member organizations have their own direct funding on their websites, while the smaller groups depend on the Foundation as an avenue for direct donation.